I LOVE to photograph children! It is my most favorite type of session. Whether with parents or siblings or just individual children, chasing them around and photographing glimpses of the innocence of the world through their eyes, it is a like a little slice of Heaven for me!

I will play with your child, make silly sounds, laugh with them and even give them a treat and lay on the ground to get the perfect angle. Whatever it takes for me to feel like I have captured the true spirit of your child, I am willing to do. 

All their silly faces and grins and the bursts of energy that never seem to stop. Don’t you wish you could bottle that?!? Posed portraits of your child are usually taken when you least expect it, especially if they are toddler age. Rather, you will see me playing, letting them have a much needed 5-minute break or juice or a quick snack, then back to taking pictures! I find the most precious pictures of children are your least expected moments when a child is simply “being a child.” Those are the memories I want to capture and preserve for you to look back on when you ask yourself, “Where did my babies go?”